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Coaching HS & College students, adults of all ages
SKIP Coaching
Pleasantville, New York, USA 10570

I entered the world of ADHD when my son was diagnosed a the age of 10. Learning what we needed to know about ADHD so that he could thrive wasn’t easy. It became my mission to help bring light and peace to adults or teens who have been living with frustration and chaos due to their ADHD. Together we work to improve self-awareness, create new habits, tackle obstacles, build strengths, and celebrate successes. I assist in strengthening executive functioning skills so that my client can meet their full potential academically, professionally, and socially. Together, we discover strategies to focus on the mundane as well as the exciting stuff — with the goal of building a balanced life. Most importantly, I provide nonjudgmental space for my clients to learn & collaborate so they can move forward.

I’m a PCC certified ADHD Academic & Organizing Coach (ADD Coach Academy, JST Coaching & NAPO certificates). I work with adults and HS & college students, & small business owners struggling with ADHD. I want to help people feel good and become their best self. Being the mom of 3 young adult men, neurodiverse & neurotypical brains. I’ve witnessed and lived the struggles. I know that with coaching and education, ADHD doesn’t have to be so hard!



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Phone: 914-720-2972

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