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Eliza Barach, Ph.D., ADHD Coach & Consultant
Neural Revolution

I’m Dr. Eliza Barach, cognitive psychologist turned ADHD coach and consultant. I help high performing professionals with ADHD maximize their unique brain chemistry to get sh!t done. As an ADHDer our brains are wired differently, so I help ADHDers understand and leverage their OWN ADHD to smash their career and business goals. Using science and intuition, I help ADHDers work smarter, not harder.

Armed with a doctoral degree in cognitive psychology and neuroscience compounded by my own life experience as a high performing ADHDer and former elite athlete (former division 1 college gymnast), I take a “brain-based” approach to coaching.

Using science and focused communication strategies, my coaching practice helps other high performing ADHDers:

  • Improve structure and organization
  • Clarify next career/business steps
  • Combat decision paralysis
  • Understand and leverage their own ADHD and unique strengths
  • Manage and optimize bouts of hyperfocus
  • Reduce stress
  • Replace rigid and limiting belief systems with a “growth mindset”
  • Promote neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change)
  • Enhance work-life balance

Education & Training

  • Ph.D. Cognitive Psychology- 2021
  • Certified Coach, Coach Training Alliance (CTACC)- 2021
  • MA Psychology 2018
  • BA Psychology 2016
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