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Eliza Barach, MA, ADHD mindset & productivity coach
Neural Revolution

Using my background in cognitive neuroscience in conjunction with my personal experience as an individual with ADHD, I take a brain-based approach to coaching. I specialize in mindset and productivity driven coaching where I use cutting-edge and scientifically backed methods to help high-performing ADHDers maximize their unique brain chemistry and achieve their goals.

As a fellow high-performing ADHDer I understand how perfectionism can drive us to rely on obsessive behaviors in a frantic attempt at organization and structure. When perfectionistic individuals encounter difficulties or failure, they tend to internalize and self blame. This hidden and often unconscious burden of perfectionism is not only physically and emotionally exhausting, it also hinders productivity versus helps.

In ADHD coaching we identify how and where your diagnostic symptoms manifest in your life, and develop systems and solutions tailored to your unique brain, strengths, and personality.

Education & Training

  • PhD Cognitive Psychology- Spring 2021
  • Certified Coach- February 2021
  • MA Psychology 2018
  • BA Psychology 2016
Contact Information
Phone: 518-210-7888

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