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Dr. Bobby Morton specializes in the treatment of adults with ADHD. His practice at Applied Wellness provides long-term management of ADHD with evidence-based approaches. This approach begins with a focused and comprehensive evaluation of attention deficit and any coexisting conditions.
Dr. Morton assists patients with learning about ADHD and learning how to address and manage their symptoms. He practices evidence-based medicine and will help patients find the right medication at the right dose to help manage ADHD symptoms. Dr. Morton believes in a collaborative approach to treatment and enjoys working other care team members.
Untreated ADHD can cause many types of struggles in one’s life. Effective treatment can unlock your potential and vastly improve the quality of your life. Applied Wellness is accepting new patients. At this time, we are scheduling for the end of August.
ADHD is not a mental health disorder, it is a functional problem. The functional issues surrounding untreated ADHD symptoms can often lead to anxiety and depression. Dr. Morton believes in addressing the ADHD symptoms first and then reevaluating any other residual issues.
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