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ADHD Coaching
Wither & Tynes
1436 Hague Avenue, Saint Paul, MN, USA, St Paul, MN 55104

As a professionally certified ADHD Coach, she holds certifications through ADDCA (AACC) and PAAC (CACP). Donna works primarily with adults (18+), many of whom were not diagnosed as children, across a variety of professions. Together Donna and her clients explore strategies and scaffolding, suited to clients’ unique needs and situations, in order to reach their desired outcomes. She attended ADDCA for ADHD coach certification training and holds graduate degrees in political science and criminal justice. Donna brings her realities as a late-diagnosed woman to her coaching in addition to her experience with her own entrepreneurial and business endeavors and long-time service at the senior and executive levels of nonprofit management, government, and public service.

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