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Dave Payne, LPCC
Dave Payne, LPCC
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider
Dave Payne Counseling, LLC
Burlington, KY 41042
Columbus, OH 43210

Don’t let ADHD hold you back from living your best life. Help your neurodiverse mind learn to thrive in a neurotypical world.

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed or have known about your ADHD for years, this guided approach to treatment will help you gain practical tools for success.
From time management techniques to organization strategies, I can provide you with actionable steps to help improve focus, boost productivity, and take control of daily challenges.

Here’s What You Get

    1. Talk with someone who understands the common struggles of living with ADHD.

    2. Receive a personalized evaluation identifying your specific needs and challenges.

    3. Learn new concepts and techniques to help your neurodiverse brain work most effectively in the neurotypical parts of your world.

I have ADHD myself.

So, while I can’t claim to know exactly what your experience of ADHD is like, I do have a thorough firsthand understanding of how challenging it can be to live with ADHD long-term, as well as the day-to-day issues that can arise. You won’t hear “get a planner” or “just try harder” in these sessions, I guarantee it.

I know how hard it is just to search for a therapist, schedule an appointment, complete paperwork, and then show up for the first session. It’s a process that can set you up for procrastination, distraction, frustration, and lack of motivation.

If that sounds like you, you probably recognize how crucial it is to take action while you’re motivated…or risk putting this off for another few months.

Therefore, if you feel you may be struggling with the challenges of ADHD, I encourage you to take the first step by visiting my website and setting up a free phone consult so we can figure out if counseling is right for you.

You won’t feel pressured to make any quick, impulsive decisions. You won’t get a sales pitch. We’ll just have a genuine conversation about the problems you’re dealing with and whether or not counseling could be helpful to you.

If you are an adult with ADHD who lives in Kentucky, Ohio, or Florida, I encourage you to contact me (via my website, texting or email) to find out if counseling sessions could be helpful to you.

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