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Dave Payne, LPCC
Dave Payne Counseling
Dave Payne, LPCCDave Payne Counseling
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider, Board Certified TeleMental Health Provider
Dave Payne Counseling, LLC
71 Cavalier Blvd, Suite 122, Florence, KY 41042
Columbus, OH 43210

Living With ADHD Can Be A Daily Struggle

It can feel like you’re fighting against your own mind just to (try to) function as well as everyone else around you.

Give yourself some credit.  It hasn’t been easy, but somehow you made it to this point.

In spite of the challenges of being distracted by so many other things on the internet, you’ve somehow made it this far in your search for help.

If you’re feeling more in-touch with the challenges of living with ADHD and you’re having a hard time seeing the “gift” part of your neurodiversity, you’re not alone.

While there may be a bright side, a silver lining, a different way to look at your situation

…it’s understandable if any of that seems like a stretch at this moment.

If you are an adult with ADHD who lives in Kentucky or Ohio, I encourage you to contact me (texting and email are fine) to find out if counseling sessions could be helpful to you.

*I have ADHD myself.  So, while I don’t know exactly what your ADHD is like, I do have a deep understanding of how challenging it can be to live with ADHD long-term, as well as the day-to-day issues that arise.

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