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Certified Life Coach
Branded Excellence Life Coaching LLC
7021 East Earll Drive, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, Suite 212

I was diagnosed with ADHD 8 years ago and relied on the coaching principals I used for work to help me master the negative effects. Through my research I found that I was part of a large group of undiagnosed or underdiagnosed individuals that were attempting to cope with a disorder that they did not understand or even know they had. So I launched my practice with the mission to reach as many people as I can and help them master their personal Brand of Excellence. I work with clients whose ages range from 14-65, mostly adults that are newly diagnosed. My primary approach is to help define a daily strategic routine that allows them to maximize the positive traits associated with ADHD and minimize the negatives. I then help uncover how ADHD affects specific parts of my client’s life and assist in creating methods that will yield success. I provide career guidance for those who feel they have been cast into the wrong profession. Many of my clients change careers or launch business as a result of our work together. I help clients understand the importance of proper food choices and reexamine their approach to health and fitness. I have designed a result based method of coaching that works with the natural tendencies of someone with ADHD.

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