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ADHD & Life Coach
ADHD Focus Group
2205 Harvestwood Ln 29036

Diane first considered coaching as a career when her life was radically improved by an ADHD coach. Coaching took her from worrying about work every day (weekends included) to realizing that she had succeeded for many years in a work environment that did not value her strengths. For years work had been so daunting and difficult because her ADHD brain didn’t work like others’.

Diane strives to help her clients find the perspective they need to be successful and happy. She helps college students with leveraging their natural strengths to get through a what is a very challenging time in the life of someone with ADHD. Diane works with professionals to be confident they are in the right field, to overcome the struggles of ADHD in the workplace, and to let go of the anxiety that has become a default state when thinking about work. Her coaching with these groups focuses on finding non-traditional methods of organization, motivation, time management, and impulse control that mesh with each client’s needs and brain wiring.

Diane’s coaching with parents is primarily focused where the parent or parents feel that they need help. This can be understanding the disorder and its many manifestations, whether it is why Jenny can’t just sit at the table and eat breakfast, or why Justin fights turning off the video game like it is a battle to the death. It may be helping to find an effective way to communicate with the child or ways to help siblings, family, and teachers understand better.

Diane studied healthcare at Emory University and the University of Pittsburgh. She studied ADHD coaching at the internationally recognized Attention Deficit Disorder Coaches Academy (ADDCA).

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Phone: 803-939-5123

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