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Certified Neurodiversity Coach
Thriving Sister Coaching, LLC

There are too many opportunities to feel misunderstood and like an outsider. We grow up seeing peers please the world with their ability to remember important dates, do what they said they’d do, not interrupt and let others talk.

Being neurodivergent can be lonely.

Thriving Sister Coaching was born of my deep love for my role as a sister. I am good at being a sister – at holding space, encouraging learning, and providing gentle accountability with a hearty dose of laughter.

Elizabeth Brink is a somatic coach for neurodivergent adults. Her approach integrates somatic trauma healing modalities with neurodivergent-affirming life coaching.

Elizabeth became passionate about embodied self-partnership as she noticed her clients shared similar painful patterns of rejection, cruel inner critics, and lifelong anxiety and depression. It became clear that strategies for better life management alone would not lead to lasting transformation and radical self-love.

Elizabeth works with clients individually, in groups within her online community The Enclave, and at her in-person retreat, Respite Together, cohosted with her two sisters.

As a coach, she is mentored by some of the ADHD coaching greats: Nancy Ratey, Linda Roggli, and Denslow Brown.

Before coaching, Elizabeth enjoyed a career in marketing, operations, and employee engagement in several industries, including energy, big tech, and strategy consulting. She lives in Kansas City, Missouri with her spouse and two young kids.

You can find Coach Elizabeth Brink online at, on Instagram @coachelizabethbrink, and supporting neurodivergent women, femmes, and nonbinary folks in The Enclave online community


  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • Certified Neurodiversity Coach (CNC), Institute of Applied Coaching/Coach Approach

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, University of North Texas


  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in Training, SEI (expected graduation 2025)

  • Certificate in Integrative Somatic Parts Work, 25 hours, The Embody Lab

  • Certificate in Somatic Attachment Trauma Therapy, 60 hours, The Embody Lab

  • Certificate in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, 60 hours, The Embody Lab

  • Neurodiversity Coaching Program & Continuing Ed, 95+ hours, Coach Approach Training

  • Certificate in Professional Project Management, UMass Boston

  • Graduate coursework in Journalism, Emerson College

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