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Photo of Denslow Brown, MCC, CPO-CD, CPO

Denslow Brown, MCC, CPO-CD, CPO

ADD Coach, Trainer, Author, more!

Professional Credentials

MCC — Master Certified Coach thru the International Coach Federation

CPO-CD — Certified Professional Organizer and Master Trainer thru the Institute for Challenging Disorganization

CPO — Certified Professional Organizer thru the Board of Certified Professional Organizers

Bio and Background

I wasn’t diagnosed with ADD until I was in my 40’s. …

Photo of Cheryl Cheryl Susman

Cheryl Cheryl Susman

I help parents and adults living with ADHD stay on track, create calm and bring out the best in their kids and themselves so they can move from surviving to thriving and reconnect to the joys of family life.

As a mom of three grown kids who have ADHD, learning disabilities and anxiety, I understand the emotional roller coaster that goes with our efforts to shoulder the burdens to support our kids.…

Photo of Lynne Johnson

Lynne Johnson

Certified Organizer Coach

I partner with each client to bring working order to your life with creativity, focus, empathy, intelligence and the highest personal and professional ethics. The work we do together is exciting, challenging and rewarding for those who are committed to change.

Eighteen years ago, I shifted my career to become an organizer and coach while working with brilliant entrepreneurs in small corporate settings who were able to “think outside the box” but resisted putting anything away into a box.…

Photo of Regina F Lark

Regina F Lark

A clear home, a clear office, a clear mind… to get there requires A Clear Path® – serving clients in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

From our client’s bookshelves, often one of the first things we de-clutter are the books on how to get organized.  Why? Probably because the books were written for neuro-typical folks and not the creative, intelligent, and chronically disorganized people who make up the bulk of our clients. …

Photo of Laine Dougherty

Laine Dougherty

Everyone’s challenges are unique and because you know yourself best, you can use that knowledge to find the strategies and solutions that will work for the way you think and coaching can help. Wouldn’t it be nice to understand yourself better and get more done, or reduce stress or finish tasks, or whatever it is that would improve your life and reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed or frustrated?…

Photo of Cena Block

Cena Block

ADHD Coach (COC) for Entrepreneurs, Professionals & High Performers

Entrepreneurs & professionals with ADHD are flush with ideas, yet struggle with sanity! Coaching provides a framework, accountability and a downbeat to get things done, grow a business, avoid pitfalls, and succeed without burning out in the process.

Your business success depends on the best parts of you. Coaching helps you corral your creativity, land and grow your ideas, create scaffolding around habits and determine the support you need to be successful.…

Photo of Jennifer Raphael

Jennifer Raphael


RN, BSN (Graduated from SDSU and worked in pediatric critical and ambulatory care settings from 1979-2008)
CPO® (Certified Professional Organizer through the Board of Certified Professional Organizers)
CD (Chronic Disorganization) and ADHD Specialist Certifications from ICD (Institute of Challenging Disorganization)
Member of NAPO, ICD, ADDA, and CHADD
Owner/Founder Less-Stress Organizing Solutions, San Diego, CA
Author, “The First Year is the Hardest-Healing Six Words at a Time”

I was diagnosed in my 40’s with ADHD when I was learning to help my son strengthen his executive functions and manage his emotional regulation.…

Photo of Leslie Robison

Leslie Robison

coach & organizer

We work on my deeply held belief that Mastering your life comes from Mastering your day–no matter what that means to you.

For over 20 years clients of all ages have depended on me for personal and business coaching, personal assistant services and organizational assistance.

Most of my clients have ADD somewhere in their day, whether themselves or family or staff.…

Photo of Kelly Deering

Kelly Deering

Daily Money Manager | QuickBooks Consultant

Do you dread dealing with paperwork and bills? Are you paying unnecessary late fees and overdraft charges? When was the last time you balanced your checkbook?  Adults with ADHD often struggle with organizing paperwork, controlling spending and paying bills on time. As a Daily Money Manager, I provide personal financial services to clients who have difficulty with, or lack the time necessary to manage personal monetary matters.…

Photo of Kim Proud

Kim Proud


KaelCoLogo1The Kael Company, Inc. specializes in back office management for small companies. We work with individuals and companies to create sound financials procedures and budgets to allow for measureable business improvements.

The company was started in 1994 because Kim’s brother, a gifted artist in the world of outdoor landscapes, could not balance a check book.…

Photo of Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton


Welcome to Organizing Maniacs® – Serving clients in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.
There are times when you can get away with an out-of-place pile of paper, a computer that needs recycling, or some clothing in a closet that doesn’t quite fit anymore. Then, there is more junk mail arriving, new electronics being purchased, and the inflow of stuff into your home that does not stop.…

Theresa Lynn Cashman

About Me: After teaching in 3 states and 2 countries since 2007, I decided it was time for a change, and left teaching in 2018. I began Clearing Space because I love being of service, and my brain LOVES to organize!

Working With You: My teaching experience gave me an opportunity to work with brains of all types, including ADD and ADHD.…

Photo of Caroline Totah

Caroline Totah


Are you a professional who is concerned about job performance? Are you working unsustainable hours, because you’re too paralyzed with overwhelm to make the best use of your time? A solo-preneur or retiree, struggling to follow-through with projects? If so, I’d be honored if you would consider my services. I am an ICF credentialed Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Organizer Coach®, Certified Professional Organizer® and RN,  who specializes in working with professionals who have ADHD, learning differences, mood disorders, and other challenges that affect focus and executive function.…

Photo of Alice Price

Alice Price

My goal is to assist you in reducing the mental and physical clutter that are preventing you from achieving your goals. My mission is to assist you in finding the right solutions for you.

I fully respect that everyone’s strengths, needs, situations and personalities are different.  I take basic organizational skills, strategies and concepts and customize them for each individual. …

Photo of Cindy Jobs

Cindy Jobs


My passion is helping people bring more clarity to their everyday lives.

I firmly believe that my clients know themselves better than anyone else ever will. The key to a successful transition is to bring that deep-seated awareness, intuition, and resourcefulness to the surface.

As an Associate Certified Coach, I understand that sometimes we just get stuck.…

Photo of Susan J Lieber

Susan J Lieber

Susan Lieber, MS, COC, ACC has been working with individuals living with ADHD since 2003 and holds the credentials of Certified Organizer Coach, Associate Certified Coach and Certified Professional Organizer. Through coaching, she partners with her clients to gain an understanding their unique ADHD and how to rein in their brain to achieve their goals. Her greatest joy comes when her clients realize that managing daily demands while living with ADD/ADHD isn’t a matter of working harder, rather working smarter by gaining both awareness and understanding of their ADHD while finessing their strengths can lead to a productive, meaningful and rewarding life. …

Photo of Mrs. Tria Presher

Mrs. Tria Presher

Professional Organizer

Ideal Organizing + Design was established in 2009.  Our team of compassionate and caring professionals specialize in Organizing, Downsizing, Moving & Relocation, and Interior Design.  We are based in Hampton Roads, VA and are accredited by the National Association of Productivity and Organizing (NAPO).  Ideal Organizing + Design services Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach, Virginia.…

Photo of Susan Lasky

Susan Lasky

Productivity, Organization & ADD/ADHD/EF Coach

As a Master ADHD Strategist, Productivity Coach and Professional Organizer, I help people who are overworked, overwhelmed or disorganized to get things done. Gain clarity and learn strategies to take control of your time, priorities, paperwork, projects, space, attitude and stuff, so you have more time, energy, and focus to grow your business, succeed in school or the workplace, balance work/home/self-care and live a life you love!…