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Cassedy Coaching
Washington, DC United States

As your personal coach, I’ll partner with you to uncover your unique neurodiverse strengths and help you understand how your brain works. We will work to explore more perspectives and identify your values and beliefs.

I help clients by combining my knowledge and experience with ADHD and the LGBT+ community to create personalized strategies and support for change in their lives. 

The strategies I provide help improve executive function, boost focus, and understand interest. By developing and applying these strategies, my clients enhance their daily lives and are able to pursue goals that have eluded them before.

I view our unique neurodiversity as a strength, not a weakness.

My diverse clients include:

  • Individuals seeking to align their careers and personal passions.

  • Employees who have pursued one career and are looking to change fields to better align their work and personal lives.

  • College-age adults and adults who are diagnosed or identify with ADHD and are looking for greater understanding and growth in life.

  • Members of the LGBTQIA+ communities seeking to grow their passions and speak their voices.

  • Individuals who are looking to discover their purpose and partner to discover the path to their goals and dreams.


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Phone: 3022223071

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