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Certified ADHD Coach for Professional Women + Entrepreneurs
It’s ADHD Friendly

I work with smart, ambitious women who know they are capable of so much, but feel hindered by a lack of focus, clear priorities, structure and boundaries. Most of my clients are diagnosed as adults and want support and tools to help them thrive with ADHD and home and at work.

Together we explore core values, personal needs and signature strengths. We also examine limiting beliefs and design an ideal vision for your work and life. I want my clients to walk away from our sessions with clarity, confidence and new-found understanding and appreciation for their neurodiversity.

My clients are drawn to me for background in both corporate (mostly tech) and entrepreneurship. Typically they’re looking for strategies to manage overwhelm, avoid burnout, or make a career transition into something completely different, whether it’s a new career or launching something of their own.

Are you ready to bring new energy, hope and dreams in your life? I’d love to help you through that life-changing process.

Caren Magill, MA

It’s ADHD Friendly | ADHD Coaching for Professional Women and Entrepreneurs

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