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161 Mechanic St 18901

As a master coach with 25+ years of experience in coaching, I know that individuals with ADD/ADHD need the support of a knowledgeable and skilled coach who gets it, a coach with wisdom, a sense of humor and deep roots in understanding organizational challenges and the tools and strategies needed to address them. Getting Clear Coaching involves:

  • Leadership, management, business and communication skills
  • Organizational strategies and tools for work, school, life
  • Life coaching-personal growth, self-care (diet, sleep, exercise and stress management)
  • Brain-based understanding – Amen Professional Affiliate and functional medicine advocate
  • Transforming negative thinking and changing thinking
  • Coaching by Zoom – across the U.S. and abroad

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Is this you…

Do you get lost or often find yourself living in a fog? Do you get stuck thinking-thinking and thinking too much or not thinking at all? Do you procrastinate, lose track of time, have memory problems? Do you make too many impulsive or compulsive decisions? Do you stay late at work to get the job done? Do you have a respectable career, yet do not feel successful? Are you are constantly letting others down, but most of all yourself? Do you have an overly-developed inner critic?

Then it’s time to get clear of bad habits and old ways of thinking that hold you back. It’s time to own your personal strengths and focus on changing the things that really matter to you in order to achieve more happiness and success in life.


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Phone: 215-230-7315

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