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ADHD Coach
Barbara Lipscomb Coaching
P.O. Box 5504, Santa Monica, CA 90409

barbara-logoBarbara Lipscomb has been teaching and coaching children and adults since 1980. An experienced and outstanding educator, Barbara works from a deeply felt and researched model. Her central tenet is that all learning takes place within the context of important relationships. She creates relationships with her clients that facilitate an understanding of their unique learning needs. From there, Barbara leads her clients in a cooperative effort to determine how to emphasize their strengths and achieve their goals.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
Licenses and Accreditations: Basic Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential, K-12
Special Education Specialist Teaching Credential, K-12
Training: Carol Ginoux, AD/HD Coach Training
Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, Coaching Teens and College Students with ADHD; Coaching Children with ADHD (8-12 year olds)
ADHD Organization Memberships: CHADD, ADDA, ICF
Years in Practice: 8+
Contact Information
Phone: 310-749-4828

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