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Barbara Childs RN MSN MBA, ADHD-CCSP, Certified Life Coach
 I’m Barbara Childs, Mother Of A Beautiful Daughter And 3 Sons Plus 2 Stepsons, Grandmother Of 14, I’ve been married For 25 Years To A USAF 26 Year Veteran and I am a Furr Mom To 3 Beautiful Long Hair Mini-Dachshunds Nugget, Coco And Roxie Blume.
I am also a Diplobrat, (child of a United States Diplomat), an Air Force Spouse and World Traveler. My family went to Beirut, Lebanon in 1965 when I was only 11 and in 1967 we were evacuated with all the Americans when the Middle East war broke out.  When we returned to Beirut a few months later, the entire country had changed. My 12 year old eyes were opened to war, refugees, suffering of post-war plights and I experienced my first overload of compassion which has stayed with me ever since.  As an adult, I became and RN and felt so much compassion for my patients, their family and their suffering.  
In 1985 my own son who was only three years old, was diagnosed with Leukemia and went through three years of chemotherapy. I was forced to schedule, have a calendar, give my son his meds, take him to appointments, care for my other three children and continue in school while I worked extremely hard to focus enough to get my RN license.  It was difficult, but the thing about ADHD is, if you really are focused on something, you can move a mountain. Apparently, I was focused because my son just had his 41st birthday and is 38 years in remission.

I Was Diagnosed With ADHD One Year Ago In 2022 During The Covid Outbreak.  I Had Just Retired From My Nursing Career And Was Attending The Life Coach School And Having Real Difficulties Focusing. My Doctor Tested Me And Told Me I Have All The Signs Of ADHD. I Was Shocked! I Had Gone My Entire Life Struggling To Keep Up, And Act Normal. I Used Music As My Dopamine When I Started Playing The Guitar At 12 Years Old. And During Covid, I Even Wrote And Published My First Book “Life Unpacked.”    

I achieved  three masters degrees, got certified as a Life Coach, Weight Loss Coach, Health and Nutrition Coach and recently certified as an ADHD-CCSP and I am listed on  I also have my own business called ADHD Integrative and coach women with ADHD achieve better clarity and focus with or without medication through holistic and Integrative methods.  I love what I do because I’ve seen the proof that it all works.

~Barbara Childs RN MSN

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