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ADHD Coach
Living Here Now
Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

Anna Kaminski, M.A. Psych.

I’m an an ADHD coach, a mindfulness educator and children’s book author. I’m also a parent with a great passion for using the science of psychology to support my  fellow neurodiverse people in leading happier, more productive and fulfilling lives. 

Having lived in Europe, Africa and Asia, I’m greatly appreciative of the experiences I’ve had working with the diverse communities there. I currently live and work, face to face and online, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

In the coaching collaboration with me we build awareness of ADHD’s impact on your life. I approach every client through the lense of their strengths and existing abilities, which are used to remedy the difficulties. Our coaching relationship is one of partnership which paves a path to self-awareness, self-appreciation and, as a result, greater life-satisfaction.

Because my professional experience in education, as well as my great interest in learning, I enjoy working with teenage and adult students helping them remove barriers to academic, professional and life success.

I hope to talk to you soon!

You can contact me via email to book a free 30 min chat or reserve it here https://calendly.com/livingherenow/60min

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