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Anita Robertson, LCSW

I wrote the book ADHD & Us: A Couple’s Guide to Loving & Living with Adult ADHD and love working with couples and individuals wanting to strengthen their relationship and make their lives easier with ADHD-friendly systems and tools. I offer:

  • ADHD Premarital Counseling
  • ADHD Prebaby Counseling
  • Couples Counseling & Coaching
  • ADHD Mental Health Therapy (Texas residents only)
  • ADHD Coaching
  • ADHD & Us Groups
  • Parent Coaching
  • Online Self-Paced Courses for strengthening your ADHD Relationship

I work on setting you up for success by making your relationships and environments ADHD-affirming. Oftentimes, high achieving ADHD adults reach a point when their anxiety and systems do not work for them anymore. This often happens mid-life when executive functioning demands increase without breaks. Together, we work on building your world to be ADHD-awesome by building systems and supports around your executive functioning and sensory processing needs.

My passion is providing the knowledge, tools and modeling what supportive environments look like so ADHD adults can thrive. I have lots of information on social media and on my website on my approach. I also offer various trainings and groups throughout the year as well.



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Phone: 512-222-7011

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