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ADHD Coach & Founder
Aligned ADHD Coaching
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Do you want more joy and less inhibition in your life? I often used to feel this way as a twenty-something ADHDer navigating a new career and grappling with all of the life changes that accompany early adulthood. While I enjoyed what I was doing professionally, and loved spending time with friends and family, I frequently felt weighed down by what felt like arbitrary routines, schedules, and social decorum. What made the biggest difference for me was carving out a more ADHD-friendly lifestyle.

Everyone has a unique path with distinct barriers and experiences, and no coach can (or should) tell you how to live your life. As an ADDCA-trained coach, I’m here to guide you through your unique goals as an ADHDer, informed by your values, strengths, needs, and more. Learn more about my approach to coaching and book a free 30-minute intro session on my website:

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5 Pillars of Managing Your ADHD
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