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Productivity Coach for Professionals
OptimalMinds, LLC
14045 Denver West Circle Golden, CO 80401

Aki is a productivity coach who focuses on improving executive function skills and mitigating the effects of ADHD. She focuses on building new habits to maximize their potential.

Using her previous experience as a management consultant for almost 20 years, she specializes in identifying embedded performance blockers that are hindering their overall productivity. She is an expert in analyzing the workflow, dissecting the decision-making process, and identifying potential turnkey actions to bring impactful changes to the outcome. She provides insights to optimize clients’ workflow efficiency and effectiveness by building new habits that would create more time, capacity, and flexibility in their daily lives.

She is also a dedicated family coach offering support for parents struggling to navigate their children to reach their true potential. Being a mother of ADD/ADHD children, she helps create a roadmap to overcome unique ADHD challenges. Using various tools, she focuses on developing tailored strategies to help them maneuver through difficulties and overcome their roadblocks.

Born and raised in Japan, she is also keen on developing a community for people who are affected by ADHD in Japan. Because their knowledge of ADHD is limited, ADDers are not yet well understood and they struggle with their challenges and public stigma. She offers free webinars in Japanese so that people can gain more knowledge on ADHD and enable them to focus more on their strengths, not on their shortcomings.

Currently, she offers coaching services to professionals, students, and families. For more information, please visit

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Phone: 6178524440

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