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Dr. O
Temitope Oyegbile MD
8000 Westpark Dr Ste 140, McLean, VA 22102

Our practice uniquely focuses on treating ADHD across the ages, from childhood to adulthood. Our unique approach to ADHD focuses on the whole person incorporating mind and body coping strategies, regular periodic evaluations, behavioral strategies, and optimizing sleep health. Dr. Oyegbile known to her patients as Dr. O. will evaluate you to come up with the right diagnoses and then work with you to develop an effective personalized treatment plan. This may be Comprehensive Psychiatry, including weekly Psychotherapy or working with your Psychotherapist as a Collaborative Psychiatric Team. In addition, our sleep physician consultant is unique in her sleep medicine focus and approach. Unlike many sleep physicians who focus primarily on sleep apnea, she focuses on all sleep disorders that are not always rooted in breathing abnormalities.  If you have a sleep problem and have been informed that you have no sleep apnea, she has a treatment plan tailored for you.

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