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Santa Clarita, CA, USA 91387
Shrewsbury, PA, USA 17361

Oh no❗️ Squirrels are bragging they are more healthier and happier than ADHDers. Who is up for proving them wrong?😁

Greetings! I am Henry Lam.

Fellow ADHDer, ADHD Coach, and Comedian for Squirrels

I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD in 2018, so I coach with empathy, sympathy, and understanding.

Like many ADHDers, I was misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and miserable. Therapists and doctors thought I had anxiety, depression, and bipolar. My life was unhappy, chaotic, lost, frustrating, and overwhelming. I knew I was as intelligent as my successful peers, but didn’t know why I was behind. I was tired of running around and wasting money on an army of therapists and doctors.

In 2021, chose to become an ADHD coach over being a doctor, psychologist, or professor, because it aligns with my strengths/values and has elements of all three.

I am educated in ADHD by the Attention Deficit Disorder Coaching Academy (ADDCA)

I am trained to be a life coach by Therapist founded and managed Life Purpose Institute.

I bring a unique coaching approach with my diverse interests in health, psychology, business, evolution, anthropology, and philosophy. Clients find me personable, creative, funny, open-minded, and wise.

Join successful ADHDers: ADHD Cambridge student, Premed student, Entrepreneurs, aspiring Hollywood artist, and retired therapist.

Ideal Clients: high functioning or under achieving gifted, intelligent, creative, and passionate ADHDers: College/Grad Students Professionals, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs

If you are ready, grab a seat at a 15 min virtual coffee chat at

California, Asian, Chinese, Virtual, Remote, Online, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Nevada

Contact Information
Phone: 267-509-8101

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