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Certified ADHD Life Coach
ADHD Freedom LLC
Lakewood, Colorado 80228

As a mid-life woman who is all too familiar with the challenges ADHD presents, Lisa lives with and now successfully manages its symptoms daily. Additionally, she is a mother, daughter, and wife who has had all the life experiences these roles bring. She is an experienced professional and has held positions at every level in the corporate healthcare world. Lisa works with her clients to understand how their unique ADHD symptoms affect them in their everyday life, and partners with them to overcome feelings of inadequacy, shame, and overwhelm. She guides smart and passionate adults, helping them develop creative ways to manage their ADHD successfully.  Through coaching, Lisa’s clients realize they can accomplish all they desire in life and business. They can reach their goals, create new strategies, and gain confidence. Based in Denver, she works with clients worldwide via phone or video. Lisa would be thrilled to work with you to help you find freedom from the grip of ADHD. To schedule a free consultation, visit her website:

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5 Pillars of Managing Your ADHD
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