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ADHD Coach and Consultant
Liz Welshman ADHD Coaching
Sydney NSW, Australia

I’m a certified ADHD and executive function coach passionate about helping people live successfully with ADHD. I partner with adults and students to develop ADHD-friendly strategies that restore self-confidence, break through limiting beliefs and help you thrive in all areas of life.

My deep-dive into ADHD began on a (flailing) search for “good enough” parenting strategies to support my very gorgeous son and make home and school life more relaxed.

Along the way, I’ve faced my own executive function challenges that – as many women experience – only compounded as I layered more responsibility into my life! Awareness and acceptance has allowed me to work with these differences and ultimately appreciate the gifts of unique brain wiring.

I hold degrees in Law and Journalism, but these days prefer to use those critical thinking and communication skills to connect with brilliant ADHDers and help them expand their view of what’s possible.

My vision for every kid, adult and parent I work with is to graduate them from coaching with confidence. I want to help you not just live with ADHD, but master the intricacies of your own unique experience of the condition and thrive.

  • Certified ADHD and Life Coach
  • Trained at ADD Coaching Academy, New York
  • Member of International Coach Federation
  • Member of Australian ADHD Professionals Association
  • Reformed perfectionist, recovering procrastinator

Click here to book a 30 minute initial chat with me (free of charge) to explore how we can work together.

Contact Information
Phone: +61438223079

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