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Vivian Dunstan
Vivian Dunstan
ADHD Support Australia

I’m the Founder & Organiser of ADHD Support Australia established in 2013 following my daughter’s ADHD diagnosis (mine has since followed!).

I’m an ADHD advocate who, since 2013, has been working to provide education & support to people & families with ADHD

As such I’ve:

• Organised an expert ADHD talk nearly every month since 2013
• Facilitated the Parenting Children with ADHD 6-week course since 2015
• Facilitated PEERS Social Skills for Teens & Young Adults programs since 2019
• Graduated from ADDCA (ADD Coaching Academy) as an ADHD Coach
• Graduated with Masters of Teaching (Primary) (non-practising teacher)
• Created the ADHD Support Australia Facebook group (25k+ members)
• Created the ADHD Support Australia Patreon Membership platform
• Created the ADHD Support Australia website, directory of professionals, resources & services & blog
• Completed many additional training courses, attended conferences & researched extensively on ADHD-related topics
• Navigated 25+ years with a child, teen & now young adult with ADHD + found out late in life I also have ADHD
• Built a wealth of experience in all aspects of ADHD, including knowledge on both traditional & holistic supports.
• A huge interest & knowledge in health & wellness including lived experience (via my daughter) of gut issues, chronic fatigue syndrome, food sensitivities & intolerances & mental health issues
• Former Raise Mentor
• Mental Health First Aider
• Lifeline Accidental Counsellor

As an ADHD Coach I’m keen to continue to serve the ADHD community by helping individuals with ADHD to truly live their best lives.

I’ll work with you to support you in banishing your limiting self-beliefs, doubts about your abilities & potential and any overwhelm, to help you to develop a more compassionate self-awareness that will boost your self-confidence and enable you to reach your full potential.

Together, using a strengths-based coaching approach, we’ll explore ADHD-friendly strategies that work for you, to move you towards your goals and dreams.

I love working with people to help them build a healthier foundation from which to start their journey, if they so wish, and because of my in-depth knowledge of health & wellness, I’m able to offer support in this domain, if required.

As a solopreneur over the last few years, I’m also well-placed to help the many people with ADHD who wish to become entrepreneurs or run their own business, but who need support to achieve or maintain that goal.

I’ve already empowered hundreds of parents to learn more about ADHD and parent with more confidence and less stress in their families.

I’ve supported many teens & young adults to create greater confidence in their social interactions and start developing & maintaining new friendships & connections.

I’m here to support people with (or without) ADHD with:

* Parent coaching
* Young Adult & Adult ADHD/Life coaching
* ADHD/Life coaching incorporating health & wellness
* Business coaching
* Social skills coaching

I’m originally from the UK but live in NSW, Australia but all my supports are online so I’m happy to support you wherever you are in this wide world!

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