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Heidi Healy AACC CACP
Indiana ADHD Coach

I am proud to help empower my clients to embrace their strengths to achieve their dreams – coaching young adults and adults navigate their journey with ADHD. Utilizing a strength-based emphasis on education, goal setting, strategies, and tools, we together focus on topics such as time management, organization, priorities, procrastination, and motivation.

My journey from a professional sales executive/business owner to an advocate for neurodiversity was shaped by my personal experiences with ADHD, as well as helping my two sons. My life took an unexpected turn while helping my sons navigate their own ADHD during university. Witnessing the challenges and overwhelm, I saw first-hand how ADHD coaching delivers a successful approach to achieving goals, results, and a stronger self-esteem. This revelation not only deepened my understanding of neurodiversity, it ignited a passion to advocate for and support those with ADHD. I now help individuals harness their strengths, overcome challenges, and thrive in both academic and professional settings.

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Phone: 812 668 0380

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