Reading Focus Cards

Finally, inexpensive help for readers of all ages with ADHD!

  • Overwhelmed reader?
  • Too much text on a page?
  • Easily distracted when reading?

The customizable Reading Focus Cards can help:

  • Provide a solution for challenged readers with ADHD!
  • Train eyes to read with focus on individual words & text lines.
  • Guide reader’s eyes efficiently from left to right.
  • Improve attention, fluency, comprehension & retention.
  • Eliminate distractions on a page with too much text.

Focus and Read BETTER with the Reading Focus Cards!

Mac & Windows PC app also AVAILABLE!

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Issues with attention span & focusing often affect readers with ADHD, dyslexia and other issues. These Reading Focus Cards (U.S. Patent 7,565,759) are effective tools that improve reading skills.

Each Reading Focus Card Combo Pack includes all components for customizing and assembling 2 evidence-based tools of different sizes with 3 optional colored filters (yellow, blue & clear) per tool. All 3 filter colors have been recommended by behavioral optometrists.

A fully-customizable app for Macs & Windows PCs is also available!