Leader: Nathalie Pedicelli
Weekly Meetings: Thursdays
Dates:  April 7, 14, 21 & 28
Time: 12pm ET/ 11am CT / 10am MT/ 9am PT
Length: 75-90 minutes

How to Plan Your Year 4-week Workshop

It’s not too late to get organized in 2022.

Like many other people with ADHD, you’ve probably tried to use a planner on several occasions only to have it end up after a few days in the pile of previous planner attempts.

Frustrated that you can’t seem to get a planner working for you?

We have the solution for you!

Last year, ADDA ran a series of 4 weekly workshops on How to Plan Your Year lead by Nathalie Pedicelli, an ADHD Organizer Coach, who also has ADHD.

The workshops were so successful, ADDA decided to run another series of the planning workshops on Thursdays at noon EST from April 7th to 28th.  Sessions are 75 minutes long, but no need to worry about squeezing it into your lunch break.  The key learnings are covered in the first 60 minutes.

Here what some participants had to say:

“This stuff is genius!  I am now dealing with incredibly complicated projects and getting them DONE”. – Trish

“Glad I see a way out of the fog.”  – Alice F.


In these workshops, you will learn how to:

  • Get rid of those multiple lists randomly spread out throughout your home.
  • Plan your year, months, weeks, and days (Yes! You read that right!)
  • Make your dreams or projects come to life by identifying key tasks.
  • Manage interruptions by co-workers and family.
  • Prioritize incoming tasks and requests.
  • Learn how to deal with procrastination.

Each week, you will also receive a copy of that week’s key teachings that you can print before each class and can use to write your notes.  You will also have access to the class video recordings.

Still not convinced about committing to a 4-week planning workshop?  Concerned that you might get overwhelmed?  Here are a few more testimonials that might change your mind.

“The annual planning is brilliant!  These four sessions have been truly remarkable. It’s a powerful tool, and I’m glad we were able to tackle it in “chunks” that helped us learn it better. And I’ve loved the questions!  They have helped me significantly.  My husband has already noticed that my follow-through in some key areas has improved, enough to comment on it.  This tool makes a difference!”       – Alicia E.

“Thank you for how this was taught!  The 4 sessions help us digest the information slowly rather than getting overwhelmed.  This workshop has been WONDERFUL!!  A life changer.  I can’t begin to thank you enough for how you put all this together, broke it down into chunks and then made me realize how I need to work in turtle mode instead of how my brain wants to move in hare mode!  OH, HOW I WISH I had learned this YEARS ago! WOW!!!”   –  Kim W.

We look forward to planning with you.

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