Group Leaders: Jacqueline Caruso-Smith, Joni Corn, Jennifer Giles, Andrea Elrom, Diana Wallace, Deborah Goldstein, Bella Tulchina and Debby Anderson
Sessions: 60 minutes
Mondays: 8 PM Eastern/ 7 PM Central/ 6 PM Mountain/ 5 PM Pacific
Session Dates:
May 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 (No Meeting), June 5, 12, 19 & 26, July 3(No meeting), 10, 17, 24 & 31 Aug 7, 14, 21 & 28 Sept 4(No meeting), 11, 18 & 25 Oct 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 Nov 6, 13, 20 & 27 Dec 4, 11, 18 & 25(No meeting)

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This group is for ADDA members that are parents raising children.

We invite parents who have ADHD and/or parents of children who have ADHD.

Raising children is challenging… raising children with ADHD (yours and/or theirs) is even more so!

ADDA’s Parent Support Group offers:

  • Phone-accessible encouragement.
  • The ability to source other parents facing similar challenges.
  • The comfort that comes from knowing you are not alone.
  • Resources for parents and children that inform and help to manage ADHD.

We encourage parents through active sharing.  During each session, we offer relevant information on a multitude of parenting topics such as the impact of social skills as well as information on Executive Function skills including:

  • emotional regulation
  • time management
  • organization

This is a safe, non-judgmental space for sharing tips, tools, strategies, and/or frustrations.  We are committed to attendees feeling more understood, less alone in their parenting struggles, and more equipped and empowered to be the parent they would like to be.

Group Leader Information

Joni Corn – BIO

  • Joni Corn

    Joni Corn is an ADHD and Executive Function Parent Coach. Her coaching practice and parent support groups address ADHD, parenting and positive psychology. She uses a strengths-based approach to help parents shift perspective, uncover the gifts of ADHD, foster parent-child connection, elicit cooperation and change, and increase family harmony. Joni helps parents learn tools for collaborative problem-solving, and provide their children with a solid foundation for self-esteem and self-worth. Joni was trained by the Wholebeing Institute and the ADHD Parent Coach Academy.

    Joni graduated from Bucknell University and Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, practicing law for several years, until she had her first child. Upon observing the deficit-based approach to her son’s learning challenges in his preschool classroom and the detrimental effect on his self-esteem, Joni took him out of a traditional classroom and went on to homeschool both her children through high school, and watch them successfully move onto college. During that time, she studied ADHD, Attachment Parenting, Non-Violent Communication, was a leader in her homeschool community, and became an ADHD parent coach. Her 20 years of studying and parenting, in addition to living with her own ADHD, have provided Joni with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, and she is passionate about sharing it with other parents, to make the journey easier and more enjoyable for both parent and child.

  • Diana Wallace – Bio

  • Diana Wallace

    Diana Wallace of  is a certified ADHD/Life coach through ICF and ADDCA and licensed Occupational Therapist. During the early years of her OT practice, she worked in psychiatric settings with adolescents. For 9 years she contracted her services as a music movement facilitator for early childhood development classes.   During her years of practising OT in a school-based setting, she worked with many students that struggled with the symptoms of having ADHD and executive functioning issues. Her passion to understand and help individuals that struggle with ADHD, led to her to become an ADHD Coach.  Diana has also had personal experience in dealing with ADHD within her family. She finds great joy and life purpose in helping people, particularly parents and children that are struggling with ADHD, reach their personal potential.

    Other passions: her ADHD family, hiking on lush mountains, beautiful gardens, rich conversations, the gift of finding humor in most situations and volunteering to make a positive impact.


  • Andrea Elrom – bio

  • Andrea Elrom


    Andrea Elrom is an ADHD and executive function coach with more than 15 years of experience working with children and parents. In her New York City-based practice, which includes workshops, individual and group sessions, Andrea emphasizes the use of empathy and understanding to help parents develop effective strategies for addressing their children’s challenging behaviours. She also works with independent schools, using a strength-based approach to help students develop their executive function skills. In her Calm and Connect © workshop series, Andrea helps families improve the overall dynamics and quality of family life by building on a family’s existing strengths. Andrea earned her Master’s degree from New York University in Elementary Education and received her ADHD/Life Coach training through ADHD Coach Academy.

  • Jennifer Giles – Bio

  • Jennifer Giles

    Jennifer Giles, of,  is a professional ADHD and executive function coach.  She completed her training through the highly acclaimed ADD Coach Academy after she and her son were diagnosed in 2013. Following a successful 20 year career as a Doctor of Optometry and her own ADHD diagnosis, Jennifer poured her life into the study of ADHD coaching in order to help her son, her family and others in their ADHD journey. As a seasoned professional who has developed strategies through personal experience and training, Jennifer has been able to help others navigate this unique brain wiring . With proven tools to approach time management, social skills, mindfulness, self care and mindset, Jennifer coaches her clients through their own personal ADHD story. It is her assertion that coaching around a positive (growth) mindset is the key to success. She is eager to work with those who may feel lost but are willing to refocus on their strengths and build on them, finding a custom approach to moving forward. Jennifer and her husband Gary have been married for 18 years and are devoted parents two boys, 14 and 16.

  • Jacqueline Caruso-Smith – BIO

  • Jacqueline Caruso-Smith

    Jacqueline Caruso-Smith, M.Ed., AAC, is an ADHD and Executive Function Coach who works with children with ADD, ADHD, LD and their families who support them. Jacqueline earned her AAC from the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA), which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). As part of her ADDCA training, Jacqui completed the nine-month program on the Fundamentals of Working with Families and Children with ADHD.

    She has over 25 years of experience and accomplishments in the Education and Training field. After a teaching career; being a Program Manger for the NJ State Department of Education; a Training Manager at Merck & Co.; as well as serving two terms on the Shrewsbury Borough Board of Education; Jacqui is currently an ADHD and Executive Function Coach. With her company, ADHD Strategies 4 Success in Tinton Falls, NJ, she coaches middle schoolers, teenagers, college students and their parents and young adults who need support with Executive Function Skills through a process that links setting goals with daily behavior in order to accomplish goals. Her approach is to focus on her clients’ strengths and help them develop strategies to support their areas of weakness. She works closely with her clients’ parents to ensure her clients are developing habits to serve them successfully in school and in life. She holds both a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Psychology from The College of New Jersey (formerly TSC) and a Master of Arts in Education and Supervision from Rutgers, the State University.

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