Group Leaders: Jacqueline Caruso-Smith, Joni Corn, Jennifer Giles, Andrea Elrom, Marybeth Sullivan Rose, Diana Wallace
Sessions: 60 minutes
Mondays: 8 PM Eastern/ 7 PM Central/ 6 PM Mountain/ 5 PM Pacific
Session Dates: 1/4, 1/11, 1/25, 2/1, 2/8, 2/22, 3/1, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29, 4/5, 4/12, 4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/10, 5/17, 5/24, 6/7, 6/14, 6/21, 6/28

Off on Holiday Dates: 1/18 (MLK, Jr. Day), 2/15 (Presidents Day), 5/31 (Memorial Day)

  • This group is for ADDA members that are parents raising children.
  • We invite parents who have ADHD and/or parents of children who have ADHD.
  • Raising children is challenging… raising children with ADHD (yours and/or theirs) is even more so!

ADDA’s Parent Support Group offers:

  •  phone-accessible encouragement;
  •  the ability to source other parents facing similar challenges;
  •  the comfort that comes from knowing you are not alone.

We encourage parents through active sharing.  During each session, we offer relevant information on a multitude of parenting topics such as the impact of social skills as well as information on Executive Function skills including:

  • emotional regulation
  • time management
  • organization

This is a safe, non-judgmental space for sharing tips, tools, strategies, and/or frustrations.
We are committed to attendees feeling more understood, less alone in their parenting struggles, and more equipped and empowered to be the parent they would like to be.

Group Leader Information

Diana Wallace  Bio

  • Diana Wallace

    Diana Wallace  is an ADHD coach and a licensed Occupational Therapist. During the early years of her OT practice, she worked in psychiatric settings with adolescents. For 9 years she contracted her services as a music movement facilitator for early childhood development classes.   During her years of practicing OT in a school based setting, she worked with many students that struggled with the symptoms of having ADHD and executive functioning issues. Her passion to understand and help individuals that struggle with ADHD, led to her to become an ADHD Coach.  Diana has also had personal experience in dealing with ADHD within her family. She finds great joy and life purpose in helping people, particularly parents and children that are struggling with ADHD, reach their personal potential.  Diana co-facilitates a Seattle ADHD Parent Support and an ADDA virtual support group.  

    Other passions: My architect husband, my three adult ADHD children,  making good food that is shared, hiking on lush mountains, re- purposing anything, beautiful gardens, rich conversations, movies that inspire, listening to talented musicians, people that have the gift of finding humor in most situations, the ocean, volunteering to make a positive impact, a fresh delicious dinner made from my garden, stories that transport me to a sweet place, being authentically encouraging, creating.

  • Andrea Elrom – bio

  • Andrea Elrom

    Andrea Elrom holds her Master’s degree from New York University in Elementary Education and went on to become a certified ADHD/Life Coach, through ADDCA (ADD Coach Academy). Andrea has worked with children with ADHD for more than 15 years. She offers extensive knowledge of parenting challenging behaviors through workshops, individual and group sessions. Through CreADDive Solutions theories, she builds on the strengths of the overall dynamics and quality of family life.

  • Marybeth Sullivan-Rose – Bio

  • Marybeth Sullivan-Rose

    Marybeth is an ADHD and executive function coach trained and certified through ADDCA, the widely recognized premiere training organization for ADHD Coaches.  Marybeth earned her degree at Miami University and began a long career at a top Fortune 50 Company. After several relocations and experience in a wide variety of business areas including Human Resources with a special focus in Leadership and Career Development, she put her career on hold and focused on raising her two children.

    When one of her children was diagnosed with ADHD, she immersed herself in understanding this unique brain wiring.  This quest eventually brought her to ADDCA. Through ADDCA training, all the pieces of the puzzle finally made sense.  “If every family with an ADHD diagnosis had the advantage of ADDCA training, the parenting experience would be so much smoother.”  She happily reports that both of her children are now successfully “launched” with careers of their own.

    Marybeth brings a unique focus to coaching through her background and training as an experienced ADHD coach, a parent of an ADHD child, and an experienced business professional.   She interprets not only through an ADHD lens but also through a deep understanding of what is important in raising our children to be independent adults; which is our ultimate goal as parents.

  • Jennifer Giles – Bio

  • Jennifer Giles

    Jennifer Giles, of,  is a professional ADHD and executive function coach.  She completed her training through the highly acclaimed ADD Coach Academy after she and her son were diagnosed in 2013. Following a successful 20 year career as a Doctor of Optometry and her own ADHD diagnosis, Jennifer poured her life into the study of ADHD coaching in order to help her son, her family and others in their ADHD journey. As a seasoned professional who has developed strategies through personal experience and training, Jennifer has been able to help others navigate this unique brain wiring . With proven tools to approach time management, social skills, mindfulness, self care and mindset, Jennifer coaches her clients through their own personal ADHD story. It is her assertion that coaching around a positive (growth) mindset is the key to success. She is eager to work with those who may feel lost but are willing to refocus on their strengths and build on them, finding a custom approach to moving forward. Jennifer and her husband Gary have been married for 15 years and are devoted parents two boys, 11 and 13.