The ADDA Insider is the international electronic newsletter published by ADDA every month that provides subscribers with informational and inspirational articles, up-to-date reports on advances in ADHD research, and access to supportive resources within the ADHD community. We strive to bring the best of ADDA to your Inbox so that you don’t have to go looking for it.

Though it has taken various forms over the years, from print to email, from informational to educationally inspirational, from bare-bones news to incorporating affiliate opportunities, our newsletter is carefully crafted for the benefit of each reader. The ADDA Insider upholds three pillars essential to our organization’s mission: serve, connect, empower. Each article is chosen for its ability to meet the needs of our community, communicate a deep understanding of life with ADHD, link members to actual resources that facilitate connection, and empower our readers.

Since The ADDA Insider is our chief mode of communication with you, our members, our tribe, we encourage you take advantage of all it has to offer. We hope you find this year’s evolution of the ADDA newsletter to be a refreshing addition to your inbox that gives a bit of inspiration and support – when and where you need it!

ADDA Archives

ADDA members have the benefit of full access to our article archive. We are always adding to and updating our content, and have added a full article archive to make it easier for you to find just what you are looking for.

Who writes for us?

The ADDA Insider contributors are a unique combination of professional writers and amateur writing enthusiasts; each has a personal or professional connection to ADHD. While we do not publish every article that comes across our desk, we do our best to encourage and promote contributions from both the highly experienced and the novice writer. The ADDA Insider features columns and articles from expert psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, researchers, educators, coaches, and organizers to provide up-to-date and accurate information and effective strategies to live successfully with ADHD. We also delight in shining the spotlight on members of our community who give back, take a risk to pursue their passion, inspire others, or build awareness of adult ADHD.

If you are interested in contributing to The ADDA Insider, please email us at the address provided below with your contact information, area of interest, and a brief outline or summary of your article. We love hearing from members of our community and encourage you to contact us with questions and ideas that you may have to make The ADDA Insider more helpful to you.

Want to contribute to The ADDA Insider?

We are always looking for experts and aficionados to contribute on subjects such as:

  • Scientific advances pertinent to adults with ADHD
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Creative expression from members such as a video of a comedy skit or recital, a slide show of photography, a poem or short story, a snapshot of a recent painting, or a photo of business opening
  • Strength-based accounts of member successes, however “small”
  • Product, book, and recent research reviews
  • Consistency with health and fitness
  • Women’s issues
  • Technology and social media
  • Content pertinent to young adults in their 20s and 30s
  • Tips from coaches, organizers, psychiatrists and psychotherapists on living successfully with ADHD
  • Public interest stories of how our members have helped build ADHD awareness and support in their communities
  • Meditation and mindfulness approaches
  • Non-medication/alternative approaches to ADHD treatments

Our Reach

ADDA is the world’s largest organization exclusively working to improve the lives of adults with ADHD. The ADDA Insider currently has over 18,000 subscribers!

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ADDA’s mission to help adults with ADHD live better lives is honored when we connect solution-seekers with solution-providers. We believe that one pivotal way we serve our members is to link them to the latest information, strategies, solutions, professionals, and products available to make lives easier. This provides the unique opportunity for professional ADDA members and ADHD related organizations to reach out to an eager and welcoming market!

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What We Do and Don’t Do

We consider ourselves a tribe of unique individuals united by a common invisible difference and a belief in the inherent worth and ability of every person. We acknowledge both the risks and challenges of ADHD, while holding strongly to the principal of uplifting each adult with ADHD to live from their strengths, passions, and uniqueness, as opposed to an identity of deficit. As such, The ADDA Insider will not publish articles that promote ADHD myths, challenge the ADHD diagnosis, advance mental health stigma, challenge empirically validated treatments (medical and alternative), or otherwise invalidate the experiences of our community.