New Mobile and Web App Helps People with Attention Deficit Disorder Manage Daily Habits, Routines and Connect with their ADHD Coaches

Phoenix AZ, April 30, 2015 – According to industry research, 5% of adults in the US today have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a brain-based medical disorder that causes significant problems with work, school and family life. To directly address the challenges people with ADHD face in daily living, the Attention Deficit Disorder Association, the world’s leading adult ADHD organization, is today launching a new mobile and web app called ADDA Storylines, aimed at helping those living with ADHD better manage their daily habits and routines and to tap into support from their care circle, including ADHD coaches who can play an instrumental role in helping people achieve their goals.

The app, developed in partnership with patient intelligence health solution provider, Self Care Catalysts (SCC), provides essential management tools for those living with ADHD including a routine-builder, symptom tracker, medication tracker, mood tracker, task challenger, as well as a to-do list.  It is built on Self Care Catalyst’s popular Health Storylines platform, leveraged by a wide number of patient communities to improve self-care and management of chronic conditions.

ADDA worked closely with Self Care Catalysts to develop a suite of health tools that would be relevant to adults with ADD/ADHD as well as the ADHD coaches who work with them, and tapped into its membership for early feedback on the mobile and web app. “For millions of adults living with ADHD, life is a continuous struggle. You feel alone. People without ADHD don’t, can’t, understand. They don’t get that ADHD affects every area of your life and there’s no end in sight,” says ADDA President, Evelyn Polk-Green.

“ADDA Storylines gives people living with ADHD new coping strategies – and it’s accessible directly from their smart phone and computer. Early adopters of the app really liked the idea of adhering to a habit with ADDA Storyline’s routine builder tool. Members of our coaching community also immediately appreciated the concept of being able to communicate their storylines with their coaches, and to create a visual illustration of their milestones through the ‘My Storylines’ tool.”

ADDA Storylines can help my clients establish greater awareness, manage daily life routines, and connect with their circle of support,” says Caroline Maguire, ACCG, PCC, Med, an AD/HD Coach.

ADDA Storylines is officially launching today at ACO, the ADHD Coaches Organization 2015 Conference. It is free, and you can sign-up on the Web, or download the app on from Google PlayTM. ADDA Storylines can be accessed on desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet devices.  It will be available in the App StoreSM in the coming weeks.

About Attention Deficit Disorder Association

The Attention Deficit Disorder Association provides information, resources and networking opportunities to help adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder lead better lives. We provide hope, empowerment and connections worldwide by bringing together science and the human experience for both adults with ADHD and professionals who serve them. For more information visit us on the web at

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About Self Care Catalysts

Self Care Catalysts is a health solutions company powered by patient intelligence and analytics. We find the consumer within the patient. Our mission is to build innovative, patient-centered, and technology-driven self-care solutions for patients and meaningful analytics and insights for healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies. For more information visit us on the web at

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