New ADHD Friendly Course Added to

As an official partner with Rena-Fi, Inc., we wanted to be sure and mention a new educational course complete with videos, workbooks and life applications specific to the ADHD crowd on their site.

The videos in this new course feature Linda Walker of Focus Action Success teaching the material. She’s no stranger to ADDA and has been featured on the ADDA site with various articles, webinars and mentoring sessions. Since 2005, she has been providing specialized ADHD coaching and training to English and French-speaking entrepreneurs, professionals, adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and other creative geniuses who struggle with productivity, organization, and focus.

The course, Financial Literacy for the ADHD Mind, outlines typical behaviors and habits that are specific to ADHD and how to overcome them with success as it deals with money matters.

Become a Rena-Fi subscriber today to gain access to this course and other financial courses and materials. Use our special promo code available to ADDA Members here when you sign up to give you 20% off a monthly subscription and 35% off an annual subscription. Visit today.


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