Leader: Rick Webster
Sessions: 75 minutes
2nd Mondays at 6pm ET/ 5pm CT / 4pm MT /3pm PT
Dates:  Feb 8,  Mar 8,  Apr 12, May 10,  Jun 14, Jul 12,  Aug 9, Sep 13, Oct 11, Nov 8 & Dec 13

ADDA is fortunate to have Richard “Rick” Webster leading this series.  As an adult with ADHD Rick has a deep personal knowledge of what is like to live with ADHD impacted finances because he has been there. As a finance educator Rick has a personal commitment to helping adults with ADHD learn efficient and effective finance management. Rick will share practical tips and strategies for managing common ADHD-related finance challenges.

For people with ADHD, managing finances is challenging. Just thinking about your money can cause shame and upset. Executive functions like planning, impulse control, and emotional regulation underlie effective money management.

Adults with ADHD can procrastinate or forget to pay bills, incurring late fees and other penalties. We call it the ADHD tax.

This is a safe space to discuss problems ADHDers face when it comes to money matters.

Join us for this monthly lecture and discussion series

Calendar of Educational lectures:

  • Feb 8  Credit Card Debt
  • Mar 8  Taxes – Getting Ready
  • Apr 12 Money Myths and the Facts they Obscure
  • May 10 Accentuating the Positives and Mitigating the Negatives of ADHD
  • Jun 14 How to Achieve a Goal
  • Jul 12 Impulsive Spending

Additional topics to be announced

Find the support you need for your finances. Join us on the second Monday of the month.

Richard Webster is the CEO of Rena-Fi, Inc., a financial literacy platform.  ADDA has partnered with Rena-Fi to bring the benefits of financial education to its membership. Rena-Fi empowers and inspires students to develop a better financial future. Learn more at Rena-Fi.com.