After two decades as a successful Continuous Improvement change agent in healthcare, Michelle Price took a leap of faith to go from wage slave to the entrepreneur lifestyle she craved and made a name for herself helping celebrity expert authors and entrepreneurs redefine and rebrand themselves online.

Her first client went from newly self-published author to NY Times best seller in 9 months, subsequently signing a 3-book deal. He started a very successful business based on his innovative thinking and teachings on the latest brain science.

Along the way Michelle learned he had ADHD and he thought she might have it too, even though she was identified as “highly gifted”.

He was right. Michelle is now proud to be “twice exceptional” or 2E. She discovered FOUR generations of women with previously undiagnosed ADHD – in her immediate family.

Michelle volunteers her time at ADDA and heads up ADDA’s new digital Content Studio. She is committed to get Black women with ADHD coached and living their best lives.

5 Pillars of Managing Your ADHD
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