Message from the Editor: Tax Season… Ugh!

I wanted to start this newsletter with a joke about taxes or how everyone’s March Madness brackets are totally busted, but then the SNL “Debbie Downer” theme song started playing in my head (“Here comes Deebbbie Downer!”)…So, I’ll skip the jokes and get right to it!
In this edition of the ADDA Insider, we have some helpful hints on making tax preparation a little less painful and an inspiring story about a fellow ADHD’er who took a seven year leap into his dream project. We hope these articles will be the boost you need to finish the month out strong!
We have continued to receive phenomenal reviews of our virtual support groups and workshops so we will be expanding these programs this spring and summer! Some new accountability groups, workshops, and support group topics include nutrition and fitness, couples’ issues, and mindfulness. These are truly ground-breaking programs for our community and we are excited to be able to offer them, so stay tuned to take advantage of these unique resources! Want to help out the team that makes these cool programs happen?Become an ADDA Ambassador today!
By now we’re sure you’ve heard that ADDA  is partnering with Sari Solden for  Better Together Festival, a celebration of women with ADHD and the men and organizations who have supported them. The event takes place in May in the Ann Arbor, MI area and will be an opportunity for the ADDA community to reconnect and celebrate together face-to-face. ADDA members receive $100 off the ticket price with promo code ADDALOVERegister now!
Have an interest in writing, editing, or social media? We’re looking for enthusiastic new team members able to volunteers a few hours of work per week, at most (sometimes as little as an email or phone call once or twice a week!), to help us reach out to adults with ADHD with supportive, inspiring, and engaging new content and programming.  Being part of this team is a wonderful way to stay connected to a vibrant community. See our ad below for more information or contact .
So, if you’re feeling stuck and you want to make some changes, ADDA will be there to help you take action. If you’re not an ADDA member yet, this is definitely the year you should join ADDA and step into your greatness!
But first, before you do anything, take a second to watch my favorite SNL “Debbie Downer” skit for a good laugh. (You’re welcome in advance!)



Until next issue,

Believe in yourself!

Michelle Frank, Psy.D.
ADDA Insider Editor


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