Message from the Editor: Are We Having Fun Yet? (WE Sure Are!)

This month is all about returning to fun. We are bringing back our hit column Coaches’ Corner, a great idea we had a while ago and started with gusto and then…well, I’m sure you know what happened there.  (ADHD inside joke…We love to make fun of ourselves!) We are also featuring an interview with a guy who is really crushing it – Alan Brown at ADDCrushers™, fresh from a European tour de ADHD.  And for those missing the fluttering heart of summer love, try some of our tips for rekindling the spark.

Here at the ADDA Insider, we are still looking for coaches interested in contributing to the Coaches’ Corner column. (If you recently contacted us about this opportunity, you will be hearing back shortly.)

The ADDA Workplace Committee is gearing up for a big, exciting project too. One of the greatest rewards of being an ADDA member is the opportunity to participate on teams doing AMAZING projects! It feels GREAT to look back with pride and say, “Yep, WE did that! Read all about your next project here.

It’s summertime. Find your FUN!

Believe in yourself,

Michelle Frank, Psy.D.



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    1. Reply

      I would LOVE to be part of the Coach’s Corner. I am not sure if I sent in the request….of course, I could have been distracted!


        • adda-ADMIN
        • May 27, 2015

        That’s great, Judy! We will be in touch with your shortly!


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