Message from the Editor: We love you! (Do you?)

Well, it’s that time again. You know what I’m talking about! It’s February, the month in which every newsletter you receive is dedicated to the themes of love, romance, and heart health. In what we hope is a less obnoxious vain, we have an article that challenges you to look a little deeper into the values celebrated this month.

As part of a match made in heaven, ADDA is gearing up for Better Together Festival, taking place this May in Ann Arbor, MI. ADDA is partnering with Sari Solden who will be hosting the festival — a celebration of the last twenty years of women with ADHD. This is a celebration of women, but it’s not just for women! Many men (who are big fans of men, I hear!) will be there too! I hope you’ll join us! The event will truly be an ADDA reunion and our members will receive a special (and substantial!) event discount with promo code ADDALOVE through the end of February! For those missing the connection of the infamous ADDA conferences, we hope to see you there!

Speaking of women with ADHD, take a moment to check out several videos sent in from Sari herself as she answers YOUR questions about ADHD in women as part of our brand new Women with ADHD page. Submit your questions at and stay tuned for more exciting news about new projects we have in mind for women with ADHD!

Also, don’t forget we’re expanding our virtual peer support groups and workshops. The parenting adults with ADHD workshop is underway, as is the new college student virtual support group and several others! If you’re an ADDA member, we’re sure we’ve got something that will appeal to you. And if you’re not an ADDA member yet, this is definitely the year you should join ADDA and begin taking action to master your ADHD.


Until next issue,

Believe in yourself!

Michelle Frank, Psy.D.
ADDA Insider Editor


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