Message from the Editor: Re-inventing Self-Care – How to Feel Healthy, Energized, Relaxed and Connected

Every so often we need to take a moment to pause and ask ourselves, “Am I really taking care of myself?” It is easy to end up at the bottom of your own priority list. Oftentimes, we fall into a trap of thinking that “self-care” is an all-or-nothing endeavor involving daily meditation, marathons, eating salads for every meal, and flossing twice a day. When we look at self-care this way, it sounds daunting and unpleasant, stripped of fun and primed with rigidity. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to revisit your definition of health.

What do you do that makes you feel healthy? Energized? Relaxed? Connected? Do more of that. When your thoughts wander, as they are wont to do, return to yourself in a moment of mindful awareness. Remember that you are capable of supportive, healthy behaviors. Are you choosing to care for yourself often enough? If not, pick one small action that will help you get back on track today.

In the spirit of inspiring self-care, this month we bring you the latest research on the benefits of mindfulness, some thoughts on body acceptance, and insight into the advantages of exercise from ADHD coach Jeff Copper. Enjoy!

Believe in yourself,

Michelle Frank, Psy.D.



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