Message from the Editor: Put Your Mask on First

I recently flew to the Better Together Festival held on May 14, 2016. At each takeoff, I heard the familiar safety instructions from the flight attendants. A frequent flyer, I don’t pay much attention to the announcements, but this time, I found the instructions concerning oxygen masks put me in mind of this month’s theme. May is all about emotional self-care.

“In the unlikely (I always liked how they slip that in) event that the cabin should lose pressure, an oxygen mask will drop from the ceiling.” Then they insist that if you’re travelling with someone, even a child or a baby, that you “put your mask on before helping the person travelling with you.” Taking care of ourselves first really doesn’t come easy. Sometimes, we feel our first responsibility is to others (our children) or, more often than we’d like to admit, we don’t feel worthy of having our needs met. As the airline industry has determined, you, and the people you’re caring for, are safer if you meet your own needs first. This issue, we have two great articles that will help you “put your mask on first.”

As I mentioned last issue, your editor, Michelle Frank, is enjoying a well-deserved vacation right now. I was lucky enough to attend Michelle and Sari Solden’s Better Together Festival two Saturdays ago. The festival was held in a beautiful setting; we gathered in tents nestled beneath the trees in a park alongside a quiet river. The weather did NOT cooperate; it was cold and raining. The only saving grace was that it didn’t snow! BUT!

Better Together FestivalA little bad weather (or even a lot of bad weather) did not prevent us having an amazing time! Hundreds gathered to celebrate and connect with friends old and new. Sari and Michelle really outdid themselves. They thought of everything, and, since even when we’ve thought of everything, new things come up, they handled every challenge with grace. We broke out the heaters and huddled together for warmth, and celebrated all day and into the night. For many, this was their first ADHD gathering, and I know their lives are changed for the better.

There are plenty of exciting things happening at ADDA as well, so, as fun as it is to jet off to see old friends and forge new connections, I’m looking forward to a few weeks at home so I can catch up with all the behind-the-scenes excitement!

  • ADDA is growing by leaps and bounds, so we’re seeking new volunteers, or what our newly-launched Member Engagement Committee calls “active members.” To get the biggest bang for the buck from your ADDA membership, get involved; become an active member.
  • The 50+ Women with ADHD Virtual Support Group launched to great success. As one participant wrote, “My first time at this and I’m so encouraged & hopeful by hearing from these bright, caring women & their stories.” There’s still time for you to join us.
  • Professional members can now offer their clients a discount on ADDA membership. Login to your professional membership and learn all about it.
  • Evelyn Polk-Green, ADDA’s Immediate Past President, was interviewed for the Road Trip Nation Show, “Being You.” Three young people with learning and attention issues travel the country seeking advice from TV host Howie Mandel and many more (including Evelyn!) who have transformed their learning and attention issues from a struggle into an asset.

To your success,

Duane Gordon

ADDA President (and Substitute Insider Editor!)


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