Message from the Editor: Happy New Year!

Happy 2016! This year we don’t have any articles about ADHD-friendly New Year’s Resolutions because living successfully with ADHD is a year-round sort of thing. So we’re jumping right into 2016!

In this edition, we feature two articles that highlight the ADHD strength of “thinking outside the box”! You won’t want to miss our interview with artist, counselor, and agent of change, Ronnie Sidney, who recently published a semi-graphic novel to empower youngsters with ADHD and learning differences. We’re also thrilled to share a submission from an ADHD support group shaking things up a bit with a holiday talent show that we’re sure will inspire for 2016 ADHD awareness and support events in your community.

We’ve managed to get Sari Solden to agree to take questions about women with ADHD. Twenty years ago, Sari Solden was the breakthrough author of “Women with ADHD” and continue to be a leader in everything ADHD and women. Sari Solden will be answering YOUR questions in a regular video series on our new Women with ADHD page. Submit your questions at!

In 2016, we’re expanding our virtual peer support groups and workshops. If you’re an ADDA member, we’re sure we’ve got something that will appeal to you. And if you’re not an ADDA member yet, maybe 2016 is the year you should join ADDA and begin taking action to master your ADHD.


Until next issue,

Believe in yourself!

Michelle Frank, Psy.D.
ADDA Insider Editor


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