Message from the Editor: If You Don’t Take Care of Yourself, Who Will?

I feel like a substitute teacher. Your editor, Michelle Frank, is working hard on the Better Together Festival happening this weekend in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (I’ll be there. I hope I see you there too!) Michelle asked me to step back into my role as editor for the next two issues of the Insider as she runs the festival and then takes a well-deserved vacation. Please go easy on me!

May is all about the emotional self-care adults with ADHD so often neglect. We’ll be talking about mindfulness, pursuing passions, unleashing creativity and more. If you can’t be good to yourself, you can’t be good to others, and you have no model to follow for others to be good to you. Give yourself, and everyone around you, the gift of allowing yourself to take your own needs into consideration. This issue I share my own story of rediscovering my own creative genius.

We’ve certainly got lots of news in the ADHD community to talk about! Last weekend I was lucky enough to travel to Reston, Virginia, for the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) conference. I was surprised and thrilled to have the opportunity to congratulate David Giwerc, ADDA past-president and PAB Co-chair, on his ACO Founder’s Award. Well deserved, David!

I was actually at the ACO Conference for a training session on ADDA’s mobile app. The session went very well, and I’m excited to see a number of coaches are following up with Andrew Levy, one of the technical support wizards, to improve how they use the app with their clients.

We were also pleased to announce a new benefit for ADDA’s professional members at the ACO Conference. Professional members can now offer their clients a discount on ADDA membership. Login to your professional membership and learn all about it.

I’m also excited to announce a new Virtual Support Group starting next Tuesday. (ADDA Virtual Support Groups are always free for members.) In less than a week, we’ll hold the first meeting for 50+ Women with ADHD. Led by Ann Myers (here Ann shares her story of reframing her life) and Lynn Shumaker, this group provides a safe place for 50+ women with ADD/ADHD to give and receive advice, support and encouragement.

To your success,

Duane Gordon

ADDA President (and Substitute Insider Editor!)


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