Message from the Editor: ADHD and Motivation

In our second edition of the Insider for the month of April, we return to the theme of activation and motivation, but with a bit of a different spin.
Our articles in this edition speak to the greater context of motivation for adults with ADHD. An interview with Caroline Maguire (ADDA rockstar) and an article by ADHD specialist, James Ochoa, remind us that tackling goals requires more than a “can do” attitude and willpower.
Now, I know that I say this every issue, but I do so because it’s important…. Our virtual support groups and workshops are taking off like wildfire and we’ve been getting rave reviews. These programs are ground-breaking in the ADHD world and we want you to get as much as you can out of your ADDA membership, so take a moment to learn more. Your future self will kindly thank you.
Another way to make your future self happy? Take a leap out of your comfort zone to join us at Better Together Festival in May. Save BIG (bigger than ever) on event tickets with a special Mother’s Day promotion by entering MOTHERSDAY at checkout.
Remember, this spring and always, ADDA is here to help you BLOOM!
PS: If you’re not an ADDA member yet, this is definitely the year you should join!
Until next issue,

Believe in yourself!

Michelle Frank, Psy.D.
ADDA Insider Editor


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