ADHD Stimulants: Medication Diversion in the Real World

A Podcast from Jeff Copper’s Attention Talk Radio

There’s ADHD content and then there’s ADHD content. Every young adult with ADHD needs to listen to this episode of Jeff Copper’s Attention Talk Radio podcast. Jeff found an individual who agreed to be interviewed anonymously about his very real experience. He was caught red-handed diverting his ADHD stimulant medications. Listen to him tell how he was confronted one morning by a dozen police, FBI, and DEA agents in his college dorm, arrested and put in jail, and then dealing with the aftermath.

The college environment can easily seduce a student to share medications, unaware of how serious the government is about drug diversion. Share this with every young adult you know. Get the real story on the toll it takes. Discover the struggles to rebuild a life who showed nothing but promise and had never been in trouble before.

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    • Jody
    • November 5, 2018

    I am awaiting a doctor’s appointment to try and change my medication. I have a history of addiction also. I was addicted to meth, so my doctor will not put me on any stimulant-based medication. I tried Strattera for about 6 months and it did little to nothing for my symptoms. I just quit taking it because it was too expensive for something that didn’t seem to work. I am afraid my doctor will tell me I am out of luck at our next appt. I recently was the cause of two auto accidents, one almost totaling my car. The other was the day before. I am just rushing around terrified of getting into more accidents, forgetting appointments and not doing anything productive at work. I’m scared I’m going to loose my home to my compulsive spending as well.

  1. Reply

    I struggle every day with ADHD and a few other illnesses but because i am a recovering addict i cant get the help that i need, or the prescription that cures it. I’m talking about a miracle drug that also treats my social anxiety, and depression as well. Its not fair that i cant get treated for my disorder because of my past when in all reality i was self medicating because i didn’t know there was a prescription for it. When i did become aware, i sought out treatment for myself, but was turned away. I feel this is discrimination big time and i am willing to stand up for myself and others by sharing my story with others. If anything maybe find a soul i have something in common with and together we will be the support we are lacking in.

    • tropicgran
    • February 10, 2018

    Eye opening, real talk from someone who’s been there. I’ve passed this info on in the hopes my friends and family who are on any controlled meds heed this message.

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