Managing Your Finances the ADHD Way

Managing your finances doesn’t have to be stressful.  We know – due dates, credit card payments, and late fees can send you into a tailspin, but we’re here to help you out!  We’ve gathered up some tips and helpful tricks to keep you level headed and get your finances back in order.

Automatic Payments

Perhaps the easiest, and most important thing you can do to make your life easier, is set up automatic payments.  You can’t forget to pay a bill if it’s done for you!  With a little work, it’s set up and you’re good to go.

Online Banking

Keeping organized can be a big challenge, but online banking can help you declutter and get mess under control.  You don’t have to worry about losing paper bills when you switch to electronic versions.  It will also allow you to check your bank statement electronically and keep everything in one place for easy access.

A Simple Budget

Keeping your budget simple is another key part of financial management.  It can be intimidating to think about exact numbers and cutting spending, but there’s no need.  Start small.  Start a general budget and get to know your financial habits.  From there, you can look at what needs correcting.

Curb Impulse Spending

Daily habits are also important to consider.  If you struggle with impulse, it’s important to take a step back and practice a little mindfulness.  When shopping, be prepared to sleep on the idea and see if it’s something you really want.  If you do buy the item, leave it sealed for a few days. Then you can return it if it really was an impulse buy.

Labeled Folders

If you do need paper copies, you can still keep things organized.  Labeled folders are a simple way to keep all of your paperwork organized and in one place.  You can label your folders by things such as category, month, or whatever helps you keep track of your important papers.  Then it’s as easy as finding a secure place to keep them.

Use a Credit Card or Cash

Credit cards can be a great way to track spending!  You don’t have to worry about forgetting your cash at home and can pull up your statement to look at purchases.  If you do choose a credit card, make sure to follow best practices. You’ll need to make payments on time, track your statement, and keep your balance low.  Though, if you prefer to see and feel physical money, use cash!  Just make sure you have a safe place for receipts.

Long-term Planning

“Out of sight, out of mind,”  can be a big problem when it comes to planning.  The future isn’t right in front of you, so you’re not thinking too much about it.  But, that’s why long-term planning is so important.  Creating a savings plan for retirement and other large expenses can help to secure your financial future.  If you’re proactive and manage those large expenses now, they won’t put you in a bad spot later.

No matter how you manage your finances, the most important thing is to find a strategy that works for you!  This is by no means a definitive list of things you can do to better yourself, but they’ll give you a place to start your journey of financial betterment.

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