Laughter Is The Best Medicine for this ADDA Member

By Annette Tabor

ADDA member Pam Wener has a passion for three things. She is passionate about helping children and adults with learning disabilities. She is passion for laughter. And she is passionate about stand-up comedy. These unique qualities define what she is all about.

Pam began helping those with learning disabilities years ago. Her daughter was eight years old when diagnosed with dyslexia, and Pam helped her daughter face her many challenges. Today her daughter is 34 and a real estate agent with a drive and enthusiasm she shares with her mother!

Pam later started working with others at the Montreal Center for Learning Disabilities. She is now the Vice President Elect of that organization. At a conference with her colleagues, she saw Dr. Ned Hallowell speak on ADHD. After the presentation, she said “The person he was describing sounds like me!”

Her colleagues laughed! “We have known for years that you have ADHD!”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Pam asked.

“We thought you knew!” they replied!

At 50, Pam was diagnosed with ADHD. She began researching ADHD, and scouring the Internet, she found ADDA!

Four years ago, Pam enrolled in a stand-up comedy class. One of her mentors was David Grenier. David is with “Stand Up for Mental Health” teaching people to help people with mental health issues through stand-up routines. Pam uses everyday examples from her own life as material for her comedy. She and her family use laughter to work through the issues they face daily with ADHD and dyslexia.

Laughter therapy taught Pam to relieve stress through laughter. She learned to focus on the now and stop beating herself up for everyday mishaps.

Pam is now a Certified Laughter Leader. Her weekly Laughter Yoga group helps seniors and recovering cancer patients by combining breathing and laughing. She also gives presentations teaching about the power of humor in educational settings.

Pam is proof laughter is the best medicine!

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    • Sue Hurley
    • September 11, 2018

    Great stuff..

    • suehurley203
    • September 11, 2018

    I am with u on this…love the info.

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