Kat Loutrel is a professional who founded Resilient River LLC in 2022 to provide support for individuals facing neurodivergent challenges in a society that may not fully understand or accept their differences. With a background in clinical social work and personal experience navigating life with ADHD, Kat is dedicated to helping others embrace their unique qualities and cultivate resilience.

She offers online psychotherapy sessions focusing on Adult ADHD, LGBTQ+ issues, religious and sexual sensitivities, and overcoming societal stigma to promote emotional healing. Kat provides individual, partner, and group therapy services, utilizing therapeutic interventions to address emotional regulation and societal biases. Additionally, she offers ADHD relationship coaching, psychoeducation, and consultations and training opportunities for individuals and fellow psychotherapists seeking knowledge & support.

Kat goes beyond therapy and helping others professionally in her volunteer work. Kat has worked with a number of Non-profit organizations in setting up new programs in the fields of mental health, substance abuse, and ADHD. Currently, she is focusing on the volunteer work with ADDA to integrate and grow ADDA Social Platform to create inclusive environments where individuals can connect, explore their ADHD, and rewrite their narratives with confidence and strength.

Kat’s ultimate goal is to create safe and non-judgmental spaces where ALL individuals can navigate their emotions, embrace their differences, and build resilience under the guidance of Resilient River LLC and her acts of service.