As a teenager, Jolanda Kieda was deemed smart but lazy.  Barely graduating from college, she lived much of her adult life filled with irresponsibility and disappointment.  In 2003, during an appointment for her son’s diagnosis, she read pamphlets about adult ADHD and immediately concluded that this was the source of her life’s issues.  She spent the next 10+ years trying medications and strategies suggested by therapists that knew very little about Adult ADHD.  After finally getting the courage to find others like her, she discovered that finding a qualified therapist was a huge problem for adults with ADHD.  It was then that she finally found her purpose.  She wanted to be a voice and a source of support for those like her.

She started her journey by volunteering for ADDA. Jolanda has since completed ADHD individual and family coach training at ADDCA and is pursuing her certification.  She recently started her part-time coaching business, Jolanda Kieda ADHD/Life Coaching, (, which is open to all walks of life struggling with ADHD.  She is passionate about helping underprivileged/underserved college bound females with symptoms of or diagnosed with ADHD.  In 2018, Jolanda started a virtual ADHD support group where she works, creating a private Teams page for company team members to share stories, information, sources and words of encouragement.  She is currently working with other team members to push for accommodations to her employer’s training programs with respect to neurodiversity.  She is looking forward to expanding her business to a full-time commitment of helping others live their best ADHD life.


5 Pillars of Managing Your ADHD
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