How do ADHD Coaches help?

Q: I’ve been hearing a lot recently about ADD Coaches and redirecting the stigma of having to change our habits to be more neurotypical. How do ADD Coaches help someone with ADD use the tools that they’re already programmed with to their benefit?

I think** I understand your question. You’ll have to tell me if I’m not getting it.

Most trained ADHD coaches are not going to tell you to pretend, or imitate neurotypical people.

If anything, they are going to give you some perspective on how to work with the strengths you already have.

Some coaches are very strategy oriented, and will help you create routines and scaffold your executive functions. While other coaches are more into exploring your belief systems about yourself, ADHD, and the world.

I’m not a coach, but I have a podcast interview coming up that basically answers your question.

Whatever you do, make sure you have a trained and certified coach.

There are a lot of people out there calling themselves coaches, so you have to ask questions and do your research.

Good luck! Hope that answers your question.



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