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ADDA was founded over 25 years ago to bring together adults with ADHD. At a time when the medical community believed adult ADHD did not exist, help, answers and hope were rare. ADDA took on the challenge of providing ADHD adults with the information, resources and opportunities to connect essential to living their best lives.

As an adult struggling with ADHD, life can feel hopeless. Through ADDA, you connect with other adults with ADHD, and when you connect, you find answers. Or you find people with the same questions you have, and you search for the answers together.

As you search for and find those answers, you realize you’re no longer alone in your struggle, you discover people just like you have solved the same problems you’re facing and you feel empowered and – perhaps for the first time in a long time – you feel hopeful. It’s a powerful feeling.

We’ve made progress, but 85% of adults with ADHD are still undiagnosed, confused and feeling hopeless. Now we’d like you to help those adults with ADHD. Remember how you felt when you first discovered you were not alone? You found answers. You felt hope. You were empowered. That experience was absolutely life changing for you, and sharing your experience could be life changing for someone else!

Please tell us, and them, how you felt before connecting with ADDA and what made the difference for you. What was it that gave you hope again? Help us give the gift of hope by sharing your story.

Thank you,

Duane Gordon
ADDA Communication Chair
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