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Is this ADHD?

Q: I am 40 and all my life I have struggled with organising myself - retaining information.  If I'm asked…

Can I Retrain my Brain?

Q: How much can I expect to retrain my brain for different results in an area where I have not…

Getting an ADHD Diagnosis

Q: How does an adult get a proper diagnosis? I know I have it, I meet all the criteria. I…

My name is Liz Lewis.

I help women with ADHD live better lives. I’m not a doctor or a coach, but I’ll track down the experts who have the answers to your questions. Above all, I’m an advocate for you living your best life with ADHD.I understand what it’s like to be a wife, mother and imperfect human trying to make it through the day. ADHD can be managed – you just need some education, the support of a community and a sense of humor! Life gets better the moment you accept what is. I help people like you accept themselves, and I give you a safe place to ask questions, learn, and grow.

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